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Buy Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition ##BEST##

Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? Like a literal one that has passengers? Or, are you the kind of person who wants to fly a jet? Or a bi-wing plane for stunt shows? Regardless of how you want to fly, there's only one gaming simulator that'll allow you to learn how, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. That's right, the Flight Simulator games have finally come to Steam, and it's bringing the best version ever with it. This is a true simulator from start to finish. You'll be put in accurate planes, given accurate controls, and be given flights with real virtual lives on the line. Naturally, you'll want to learn the ropes, get the feel for the planes and their abilities. Then, you'll want to be sure you can handle any weather conditions put in front of you, for the game world does have all available weather patterns to put you through. Once you're ready, sail through the skies! But in what? Well how about a 747 jumbo jet, F/A-18 Hornet, P-51D Mustang, EH-101 helicopter and numerous other planes spanning the history books as well as numerous modern models. You'll be able to fly across the country and the world as you pick your craft, pick your time, flight, destination, and more. Or, if you don't want to pilot, and rather be the co-pilot, or the air traffic controller, you can do that too! Plus, race against your friends in epic Red Bull Air Race courses, and more! Add to that 80 skill missions, and you know that Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition is the only way to fly.

buy microsoft flight simulator x steam edition

If you're in the market for a flight simulation game, Microsoft Flight Simulator X is probably one of the best games on the market. With 24,000 destinations to choose from and most famous planes just begging you to fly them, no flying sim enthusiast should go without at least trying this title, which is finally on steam.

Flight Simulator X marked the tenth version of the popular line of flight simulators. It was officially released to the US market on October 17, 2006. According to Microsoft's website for the game, a standard edition features everything from navaids to GPS and airways. It also included 18 planes, 28 detailed cities, and 40 highly detailed airports. The deluxe version featured 24 types of aircraft and 38 highly-detailed cities.

The simulator was officially unveiled at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a gaming showcase for Microsoft Windows Vista with Windows 7 compatability following. Microsoft released screenshots as well as a list of frequently asked questions as a press release on Flight Simulator Insider, as well as numerous flight simulator communities (see External links). This also included mission-based gameplay with mission specific aircraft as well as an upgraded rendering engine capable of increased detail. 041b061a72

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