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[S2E1] Kim Becomes A Diva

Stacy finally gets a part on a TV show as a main star. She claims that she has to keep her relationship with Fred a "secret" for publicity purposes, but eventually she ends up cheating on Fred with her co-star, Brian (Robert Hoffman), and Fred witnesses the two sharing a passionate kiss. Stacy is unable to choose between Brian and Fred; despite Jane's advice for her to talk to Fred, the choice is made for Stacy when Fred eventually confronts her and angrily leaves. Stacy becomes distraught and upset with Jane, believing Jane told Fred of her infidelity. Fred is later shown having drinks with Grayson and Teri, who comfort him.

[S2E1] Kim Becomes a Diva

Stacy's behavior ends up annoying not only Fred, but also Jane/Deb and Teri when she becomes a diva and starts treating her friends like dirt, leading to a failed intervention. Brian steals her commercial deal and sleeps with her assistant, resulting in Stacy punching out Brian and getting arrested for assault. She is later cleared of the charges, but kisses Grayson after he represented her. Although the two quickly realize it was a mistake, Stacy is unaware that Jane saw it. Jane also tells Fred at the airport about what happened, thus devastating Fred who was ready to forgive Stacy and propose to her.

Nina Locke and Josh's relationship becomes physically intimate. She gifts him a ledger documenting the daily activities in Keyhouse when it was used as an intelligence base in the American Revolution. After she leaves, Josh discovers that a musket ball (actually a lump of Whispering Iron), passed down from his ancestor Captain Frederick Gideon, is missing.[5]

After Jane's mother is arrested, Jane must get to know the father she's never known for help to get her mother out of jail. Jane must then take her mother to court before Judge Summers to have the charges either dropped or reduced.The romance between Kim and Parker continues. Grayson becomes invested in a case that involves a Ponzi scheme. Teri gives Fred advice on dating and driving, which she may live to regret.

A diva in the field of diving loses her memory and her best friend/ rival goes missing when they got involved in a mysterious accident. Her aspiration to remain as the diva and the suspicions she received from the disappearance of the other drive her into madness.

Real-life situations are faced by young newlyweds starting from their honeymoon period when letting their marriage work becomes hard; however, the moment they continuously fight is the same time they slowly learn the true meaning of love.

At school, Caleb is mysteriously speaking on the phone with someone, telling this person that something cannot happen that night. He keeps referring to "her," and it becomes clear after he mentions that he is living in her house that he means Hanna. It's revealed that Caleb was hired by Jenna Marshall to spy on Hanna. Hanna is furious and hashes out on Caleb when she returns home from school. He replied he never meant to hurt her, adding the fact he told Jenna that he couldn't help her anymore once things between him and Hanna started happening. She is not satisfied with this his explanation, and makes him leave.

Caleb doesn't like to let too many people get too close to him, except for Hanna, and Lucas when he still lived with him and was developing a close friendship despite the two boys being so different. After Caleb works on A's cellphone, he becomes close with Spencer, Emily, and Aria. He also becomes friends with Paige while working with her to bring down A. Later on, he becomes friends with Ezra and Toby to help find out who A is and to help get Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna out of the dollhouse.

Lucas Gottesman - The one exception to Caleb's loner rule is Lucas Gottesman. Lucas cares a lot for Hanna and understands she could not be happy without Caleb. Lucas is the first to find out what Mona did to Caleb's goodbye letter and proceeds to drive to Arizona and bring Caleb back to Rosewood to make Hanna happy. He allows Caleb to crash in his room while attending Rosewood High. Caleb, in turn, becomes a loyal friend to Lucas, honoring his commitment to watching "The Goonies" with Lucas instead of hanging out further with Hanna one evening. He also helps Lucas out with his pursuing Danielle. Caleb and Hanna go on a double date with Lucas and Danielle because Lucas is feeling nervous about the date. Lucas lost a good deal of the money that Caleb had saved up for years on a basketball game scheme that didn't work out. Lucas was desperate and nearly suicidal as he felt that he betrayed Caleb. Caleb has since forgiven Lucas, and Lucas has sold his comic books to make up some of the money. 041b061a72

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