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despite the potential problems with the two-pronged campaign, there are a few things that are worth noting about the game. first, the gameplay is tight and responsive. it feels like the developers took the time to make sure that the game would be responsive and that the controls would feel right. as a result, the game doesnt get in the way of the fights. second, the characters have a variety of moves that work well together. theyre all unique, but they all feel like theyre meant to complement each other. third, while i noticed some problems with the camera angles, they werent too difficult to get used to. but the best thing about blade strangers is that even if it were released on the nintendo switch, i would still recommend it. its fun and easy to pick up, but its a damn good fighting game.

Blade Strangers Download] [License]

blade strangers is another great fighting game that is sure to be a hit with ps4 owners. its combat is satisfying and responsive, and the presentation is great. if youre looking for a fighting game thats easy to pick up and play, blade strangers is an excellent choice.

another thing to keep in mind is that blade strangers is currently only available for the xbox 360. as such, it should be playable on most xbox 360s via backward compatibility, but you will need to play first-party titles like gears of war and halo: reach to use it. otherwise, youll only get a black screen in the place of a game. this is not a developer-made issue but a compatibility issue.

as for the final score, i think blade strangers has all the basic ingredients to be an okay game. however, it doesnt add enough variety or depth to really stand out from the crowd. plus, it runs a little slow, especially on the xbox 360. if it were easier to get around and had a better single-player campaign, i might be recommending it to my friends.

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