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Where Can I Buy Vodka Infused Whipped Cream

To start your creative juices flowing, here are our favorite ways to use this alcoholic whipped cream. Note that different types of alcohol would pair well with each. For example, Frozen Hot Chocolate would pair nicely with a Kahlua whipped cream, whereas an applesauce cake would go well with a bourbon whipped cream. And so on (you get the idea!).

where can i buy vodka infused whipped cream

If you follow Cardi B on Instagram, you've probably seen her new brand of vodka-infused whipped cream. Whipshots, as they're called, are as highly raved about as they are difficult to get your hands on. There are only 500 cans of Whipshots sold in a given day, and they're available exclusively on the official Whipshots website every day in December, starting at 12 p.m. ET, until they sell out. Just to give you an idea of how popular they are, I hopped onto the website at 11:59 for the second "Whip Drop" following the release, and they were completely gone by 12:01. Luckily, I was able to snag a can of the caramel-flavored Whipshots just before they went out of stock.

Barry said alcohol-infused whipped cream needs to be monitored for potential abuse. One of the big worries is whether canisters prominently mention that the product contains high alcohol levels, she said.

There are a lot of rappers who have ventured into the world of liqueurs. Artists such as Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Diddy and Jay-Z have established their own brands of cognacs, tequilas and champagnes. However, Cardi B has made a lane for herself in the celebrity booze industry with her vodka-infused whipped cream brand called Whipshots.

Cardi B launched Whipshots last December and became an instant hit among her fans and vodka lovers alike. The sweet and delectable product is the first-ever alcoholic whipped cream that offers a sense of sweetness and sophistication to go along with your choice of liquor or dessert. The boozy whipped cream is non-dairy and does not require refrigeration. It comes in three different flavors: mocha, vanilla and caramel. Quite simply, Whipshots is a party in a can.

According to the product's website, each flavor is "infused with ultra-premium distilled vodka," so let's do some quick math. If regular vodka contains 40% alcohol and Whipshots contain 10% alcohol...that means a whopping quarter of them is pure vodka. ?

The directions suggest that you "turn [the can] upside down and shake side to side for 30 seconds" before spraying, which made me think...have I been doing canned whipped cream wrong all my life? Regardless, I did as I was instructed to do and tried each flavor, one at a time.

It sprays like whipped cream! It looks like whipped cream! It tastes...STRONG AF. Let me be totally clear, though: it's a good kind of strong. They really didn't skimp out on the booziness when they figured out the Whipshots formula, but they also didn't go totally overboard, either. Which, as a whipped cream and vodka-lover, I appreciate. Like the cans, the "cream" itself (again, did I mention it's dairy-free?) gets darker in hue as you move from vanilla to mocha.

According to the brand itself, the whipped cream "can be enjoyed on cocktails, desserts, lovers, or solo as a shot." Well, again, it's 10 a.m. for me, so the only way I could possibly justify filling my body with alcohol-infused whipped cream at the very start of my work day was via breakfast. A breakfast of champions, really.

One small caveat here: unlike regular canned whipped cream (which tends to just float on top of your hot cocoa or warm beverage of choice), I found that Whipshots melted very quickly. As evidenced by the above photo, there was a bit of an overflow situation to deal with, but it was delicious nonetheless. As it continued to melt into my coffee, it turned into a cappuccino-like foam...but, with booze. It was awesome.

Indulge your taste buds with the buttery sweet treat of caramel whipped cream infused with ultra-premium vodka. Whipshots is made from premium vodka and creme de cacao, which not only adds a layer of deliciousness but also gives this treat its signature golden hue.

Just when you thought the college campuses of America were safe from the caffeinated alcohol Four Loko, it seems there's another sugary alcoholic treat threatening the sobriety of our youth. This time it's Whipped Lightning, an alcohol-infused whipped cream (AKA "whipahol") that comes in flavors like Tropical Passion and Strawberry Colada. It costs between $10 and $13 a can. And stupid teenagers are "drinking" it, which of course leads to trouble.

Whip Shots by Cardi B, vodka Infused Mocha Whipped Cream is so smooth, you might forget to share it. Blended with premium vodka, this mocha whipped cream adds just the right amount of smoothness to desserts and cocktails for any occasion.

Whip it rich. Add a shot of indulgence to your party with a rich combination of bold espresso, chocolate and ultra-premium vodka. Made with all-natural flavors, no refrigeration needed, and 10% alcohol by volume. Stimulate the palate with rich coffee and cocoa notes in decadent whipped cream infused with ultra-premium vodka.

I think this may be the simplest cocktail on the list, and it is actually the first time I ever used whipped cream vodka! It has only two ingredients, and tastes just like a classic root beer float. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and make it a boozy float. Or garnish with whipped cream and a cherry, your choice! Whether you work inside or labor outdoors, this is a great way to celebrate quitting time. 041b061a72

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