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Port Royale 3 Pirates Amp; Merchants Download

Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants Download

If you are a fan of business simulation games and historical settings, you might want to check out Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants. This is the third installment in the Port Royale series, which lets you explore the Caribbean during the 16th and 17th centuries. You can choose to be a trader or an adventurer, and make your fortune by trading, fighting, building, and conquering. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants download, including what the game is about, how to download it, how to play it, and why you should play it.

What is Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants?

Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants is a business simulation game developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media in 2012. It is set in the Caribbean during the Age of Sail, when European powers competed for colonies and trade routes. You play as a young Spanish commoner who arrives in the New World after a shipwreck. You have two options to win the heart of Elena, the beautiful daughter of the Viceroy: become a successful trader or a daring adventurer.

port royale 3 pirates amp; merchants download


A brief overview of the game

The game is an open-ended sandbox, which means you can choose your own goals and playstyle. You can trade goods between different ports, build your own businesses and ships, hire captains and crew, fight naval battles, raid enemy towns, join a nation or become a pirate, and influence the political and economic situation in the Caribbean. The game has a realistic economic system that changes according to supply and demand, as well as historical events that affect the relations between nations. The game also has a realistic weather system that affects sailing conditions and trade opportunities.

The main features of the game

Some of the main features of Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants are:

  • A huge map with over 60 towns and ports to visit

  • Over 20 different types of ships to buy and customize

  • Over 100 different types of goods to trade

  • A dynamic reputation system that affects your relations with towns, nations, pirates, and other characters

  • A complex combat system that involves wind direction, cannon types, boarding actions, and morale

  • A multiplayer mode that allows you to compete or cooperate with other players online

  • A campaign mode that follows a story-driven plot with different endings

  • A free play mode that lets you create your own scenarios and challenges

How to download Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants?

If you are interested in playing Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants, you will need to download it from Steam, which is a digital distribution platform for PC games. Before you do that, however, you will need to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game.

The system requirements for the game

According to Steam, these are the minimum system requirements for Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants:

OSWindows XP SP2 / Vista / Windows 7

ProcessorDualcore CPU (Intel E4300 / AMD Athlon X2)

Memory2 GB RAM

GraphicsShader Model 3.0 (Geforce 6800 / Radeon X1600)

DirectXDirectX 9.0c

Storage4 GB available space

Sound CardDirectX compatible sound card

If your computer meets these requirements, you can proceed to download the game from Steam. If not, you might need to upgrade your hardware or look for other options.

The steps to download the game from Steam

To download Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants from Steam, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Create a Steam account if you don't have one already. You can do this by visiting the and clicking on the "Join Steam" button. You will need to provide a valid email address and a password, and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

  • Download and install the Steam client on your computer. You can do this by clicking on the "Install Steam" button on the website, or by visiting the . You will need to run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Launch the Steam client and log in with your account credentials. You will see a list of games and categories on the left side of the window, and a search bar on the top right corner.

  • Type "Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants" in the search bar and press enter. You will see the game's page, where you can read more information about it, watch trailers, view screenshots, and read user reviews.

  • Click on the "Add to Cart" button to purchase the game. You will need to provide a payment method, such as a credit card, PayPal, or Steam Wallet. You will also need to agree to the end user license agreement and confirm your order.

  • Click on the "Library" tab on the top of the window, and find Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants in your list of games. Click on it, and then click on the "Install" button. You will need to choose a location for the game files, and wait for the download and installation process to complete.

  • Once the game is installed, you can click on the "Play" button to launch it. You will see a splash screen with the game's logo, and then a main menu with different options. You can choose to start a new game, load a saved game, play online, or change settings.

How to play Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants?

Now that you have downloaded Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants, you might be wondering how to play it. The game is not very difficult to learn, but it can be challenging to master. Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you get started.

The two game modes: trader and adventurer

The first thing you need to do is choose your game mode: trader or adventurer. This will affect your starting conditions, your objectives, and your gameplay style.

  • If you choose trader, you will start with a small trading vessel and some money. Your goal is to become a wealthy merchant by buying low and selling high, building businesses, forming trade routes, and expanding your fleet. You will also have to deal with taxes, tariffs, competitors, pirates, and wars. You can ally with one of the four nations (Spain, England, France, or Netherlands), or remain neutral. You can also court Elena by impressing her father with your economic achievements.

  • If you choose adventurer, you will start with a fast warship and some weapons. Your goal is to become a famous explorer by discovering new lands, fighting enemies, capturing ships, raiding towns, and finding treasures. You will also have to deal with storms, diseases, mutinies, and bounties. You can join one of the four nations (Spain, England, France, or Netherlands), or become a pirate. You can also court Elena by rescuing her from danger and completing quests for her.

The gameplay mechanics and tips

The game has two main views: the world map and the town view. On the world map, you can see all the ports and regions in the Caribbean, as well as your ships and other vessels. You can move your ships by clicking on their icons and dragging them to their destinations. You can also zoom in and out and rotate the map by using the mouse wheel and the right mouse button. You can also access various menus and options by clicking on the icons on the bottom of the screen. On the town view, you can see the details of each port, such as its buildings, goods, prices, population, and reputation. You can also interact with the town by buying and selling goods, building businesses, hiring captains and crew, repairing and upgrading ships, and talking to characters. You can switch between the world map and the town view by clicking on the ship or port icons. Here are some general tips to help you play Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants: - Pay attention to the tutorial and the hints that appear on the screen. They will teach you the basics of the game and give you useful advice. - Check the market prices of goods before buying or selling them. You can see the average prices of goods in each region by clicking on the market icon on the world map. You can also see the supply and demand of goods in each port by clicking on the goods icon on the town view. Try to buy goods when they are cheap and sell them when they are expensive, or when there is a high demand for them. - Build businesses in ports to produce goods and earn income. You can build businesses by clicking on the construction icon on the town view. You will need to pay a fee to the town owner, and have enough resources and workers to start production. You can also upgrade your businesses to increase their output and efficiency. - Form trade routes to automate your trading activities. You can form trade routes by clicking on the trade route icon on the world map. You will need to assign ships and captains to your trade route, and select which ports and goods you want to trade. You can also adjust the settings of your trade route, such as how much cargo to load or unload, how much money to keep or deposit, and how to react to enemies or events. - Fight enemies to gain loot and reputation. You can fight enemies by clicking on their icons on the world map, or by encountering them while sailing. You will enter a combat mode, where you can control your ship's movement, speed, direction, and cannons. You can also board enemy ships to capture them or their cargo. Be careful not to damage your ship too much, or it might sink or surrender. You can repair your ship by visiting a port with a shipyard. - Raid towns to plunder their wealth and resources. You can raid towns by clicking

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