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Watch Two And A Half Men S06E24 BETTER

this line is town as a part of a song, a part of us, all a part of us all. Sorry to say that so many times it'll stick with you also at something we both saw. Cause I was late and was watching this the second half of this episode when Sean got here, um, really the last seven, eight of the episode, I was still watching. The last frame of that shot, it looks weird. I don't know if it's just the Disney plus version, but it looks like suddenly the quality goes down for like the last shot of that scene and then it gets better. Again, it's not.

Watch Two And a Half Men S06E24

series. Yeah. There had to have been, but I I'll have to look that up, but yeah, if you just go to anyone that's watched the Simpsons and be like the lemon tree episode, you don't even have to know moment of Troy, just say lemon tree Simpsons. They're going to be like, oh my God. Lemon tree. Yeah. And then we've got the whole Shelbyville Springfield rivalry that kind of gets set up here. It's kind of, it's been, it's been sort of nudge yet in previous episodes, but this is where we first really see it. And every character kind of has their own opposite from Shelby. Well, I guess sort of like a foil to them, like you have Bart with that main shall be located with the whole garbage man thing, New York garbage man, when he finally goes, takes one, no one that kid acts like he's never heard that phrase in his life. He's like, Lord, why is the grass of different.

and Nelson's like all embarrassed. And he's like, I'm sorry, I normally don't do this. And he like, you know, beats up the kids. I, I couldn't watch a whole show with these two, the dynamic between them. And then, um, I had the heart to the table. No, sir. The best of friends for using years and years. It's beautiful. Um,

and something somebody mentions in that scene. It's he's he says maybe that's why we beat them in football nearly half the time. And he's using it as a jab, but if you think about it, if me and you were playing football against each other and I beat you nearly half the time, that means I've lost more than you. One, how was that a

episode. Oh, For funsies. I don't know. Um, and then we get the whole Rocky V. That was the fifth one, which is a very gen X kid thing. Like you wouldn't have that joke come up. Now, if you consider him being like a current kid, Like, I don't think kids watch those movies. Yeah. Now, I mean, I didn't watch those movies, then

Um, so they're able to escape except Flanders is like something's draining the battery and Homer thinks this is a great time to start grilling something they grill. So they're able to get away. And, um, they yell out the window, eat my shorts. And Lander says one of my favorite Flanders lines, which is yeah. Seat all of our shirts. Um, the tree comes off in the Archway, which is how it kind of gets like split and half in a way. Very symbolic, very deep. This is a very deep episode. Uh, And it ends with grandpa telling the rest of the story, but then we get the Shelbyville grandpa telling their version of the story, which was that the tree was haunted because it was hunted because it was Holland

And that's exactly like, you know, the point of views of history is, and how things can be altered to suit someone's point of view. And, oh my God, there's so much to this episode. It's beautiful. It's and it's got some great lines. It's got some great moments. And it's, it's got that momentum it's and I remember as a kid, it was always fun. Cause like the kids were going out and doing this like big adventure thing. And this one was so much fun to watch as a kid with how much that

go. We're also, we're recording this directly after trilogy of error, which trilogy of era took us so long, just because of all the little things happening in corresponding to other things. So. Ah, man, I would say if you've never watched a Simpsons episode, this would be one of the best episodes to just watch you

What, um, and definitely, uh, check out our YouTube page to just look up Simpson Siblings, podcasts on YouTube. If you don't like using the apps and you're like, listen on YouTube. We're on there too. And. Yeah. Thank you guys. Yeah. This has been fun. I mean, we're still going, it sounds like we're stopping, but we're not join us next time as we cover our, uh, Valentine's day special. Um, it's gonna be a little late. It's going to be on February 23rd. We'll be covering. Season four episode 15. I love Lisa. This is a great one. It's a really good one. Uh, definitely watch that episode before listening to get the full experience and until then, bye everybody. 041b061a72

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